The Power to Design


The great glaciers of our wondrous earth today are topped with layers of snow that exceed the brightness of our most vivid imaginations. The Angeles Collection captures the magnificence of this Arctic beauty and brings it to your home in different brilliant shades of the whitest quartz materials found.


A simpler life, the desert provides us with the warm browns and golds that not only bring balance, but create an eye catching sense of peace within our lives. The Phoenix collection creates this earthy sense of cozy atmosphere at home.


The finer things in life, peaceful walks on the cobblestone roads of an easy summer night, the contrasting greys and hues of the clouds are represented by The York Collection illustrating both the earth's and sky’s fingerprints with its detail and simplicity.


A night out in the glamorous city won't be complete without the glitter and the eye catching sights of the city lights. The Vegas collection recycles the world around us and brings the spectacle of bright beauty in this sparkling collection.

The largest collection of quartz surfaces from around the world

Titan Quartz surfaces are non-porous, homogenous, highly durable, resistant to scratching, staining and water absorption. They are composed of 90% to 93 % premium grade pure quartz, 7% to 10% high quality polyester resin and the finest quality unleaded pigments resulting in a product that is unmatched in strength, beauty and color consistency.

In the new millennium, technology is thrusting us into the future at an alarming rate. From electronic gadgets, household appliances, and now even your kitchen countertops…the future is here, and the future is very real. Titan, the super quartz takes today’s technology and mixes it with the wondrous abundance of nature that has surrounded us for millions of years to present you a brand new line of product.

Second to water, quartz is the most abundant element found on our planet. Quartz is one of the strongest natural stones allowing it to survive through both arctic cold and sweltering heat. From nature to your own home, quartz will bring its rich natural history and make a lasting impression to any kitchen, bathroom, floor or wall cladding.